Entity Selection and Incorporation

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Is your law firm paying higher taxes because of your business structure? The entity you choose for your practice lays the groundwork for tax liabilities and can have significant impact on profits. So, if you didn't consult a CPA (or the right CPA) when incorporating your law firm, you could be paying more money in taxes than you have to. Find out if your business structure is the right fit for your practice by consulting with Boris Musheyev, CPA. We know how to direct you toward the optimal business structure for your particular firm because we specialize in tax planning for law firms and attorneys.

The first step is to evaluate your practice. We'll then explain your options for incorporation so you understand what it means to form an S corporation, C corporation, or LLC. Once we identify the structure that will best control your tax burden, we’ll design a coordinating tax plan that works in conjunction to limit tax obligations and help your practice maximize profitability. We'll also analyze your personal tax situation to make sure we're doing everything possible to legally and effectively shield your wealth from taxes.

Don’t risk paying higher taxes than you have to, call us now at 212-430-6881 or schedule an appointment online for a free tax strategy session. We'll assess your firm's current business structure and find ways to save you real money on taxes.

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